DOs and DON’Ts of Gout Diet

gout diet

Gout is caused by increased levels of uric acid in blood. Uric acid crystals accumulate in around a joint causing a

painful form of arthritis. It is one of the  common illnesses among adults these days.

 Uric acid is produced due to breakdown of purines by metabolic activity of our body. Making some simple changes

in our diet can help a great deal in keep uric acid level in our blood under control, lowering the risk of recurring and

painful gout episodes.

DOs and DON’Ts about Gout Diet:

1. High-fibre diet like spinach, broccoli, oats, isabgol, etc may help absorbing uric acid from your bloodstream.

2. Vitamin C: Taking 500 mg vitamin C supplement helps in lowering uric acid level.

3.Complex carbohydrates: Eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains provide complex carbs. Avoid refined carbohydrates like white bread, cookies, pastries, cakes,  etc.

 4. Plenty of water: Keeping yourself hydrated (at least 3 liters of water) is associated with fewer gout episodes.

 5. Antioxidant rich food like broccoli, tomatoes, grapes, blueberries, etc are advisable.

 6. Take low fat dairy products like skimmed milk, low fat yogurt.

7. Avoid or limit alcohol intake, esp. beer as it is associated with gout attacks.

8. Eat cherries and drink coffee: It has been associated with decreased risk of gout attacks.

9. Reduce your weight: Eat low fat diet and reduce extra calories.

10. Limit meat, poultry and fish (130 to 170 grams) as it contains saturated fats.

-Dr.Ravindra Bisht