6 Common Myths about Diet

Diet is such an integral part of our daily lives in terms of fitness and health. It varies from person to person, situation to situation, culture to culture and what not! But it has been seen that some common myths keeps floating around about food its related implications.
Let us visit some of the myths about diet and food:
1. Breakfast should be light: No! After all night fasting during sleep, your body need carbohydrates (read cereals).
2. Potatoes are fattening: Potato has carbohydrates, which is the preferred source of energy for body. And carbohydrates have half the amount of calorie than fat. So eating moderate amount of carb-ich food like potato isn’t fattening.
3. Obesity is genetic: Genes may make you prone to obesity by shaping your metabolism (even that is not conclusive), but it isn’t nothing but excuse to attribute obesity to genes. Its the combination of high calorie food and sedentary life style that is responsible.
4. Do not drink water while eating: No logic to that! In fact, evidence suggests that drinking water during meals improves digestion, helping the food absorb better.
5. Eat only when you are hungry to stay fit: Wrong! It is better to take evenly spaced small meals than taking fewer bulky meals.
6. Late night meals makes you pile on weight: Wrong! Remember, its not when you eat, but you eat matters more.
Don’t pay heed to such myths. Eat a balanced diet that has all the ingredients in right amount including carbohydrate and fat. Eat well, sleep well, avoid sedentary lifestyle, and don’t forget to eat the apple they tell you keeps doctor away, for that is certainly not a myth!