Preventing Stroke

stroke 1

Stroke is a medical emergency in which blood circulation to the brain fails resulting in lack of oxygen to brain cells. Within minutes, brain cells begin to die. For each minute of sustained stroke and blocked blood flow to brain, person loses about 1.9 million neurons, hence may cause disabilities of movement, memory, speech, etc.

 Best way to deal with stroke is to avoid it altogether by adopting following a healthy lifestyle. Let us have a look at some ways that can reduce the risk of stroke.

 1. Manage your blood pressure: It is one of the most potent risk factors of stroke. Manage it through a combination of diet, exercise and medical care.

 2. Stop smoking: Smoking increases the risk of stroke from two to four times as it causes deposition of fatty substances in main artery (carotid artery) to the brain. It reduces amount of oxygen carried by blood due to formation of carbon monoxide. It also thickens the blood, increasing the chances of clot formation.

 3. Reduce alcohol consumption: Excessive intake of alcohol can increase blood pressure and may also trigger irregular heart beat.

 4. Monitor your cholesterol: Abnormal blood lipids can lead to cardiovascular diseases and accidents. Manage your cholesterol with combination of diet and medical care.

 5. Diet and Exercise: These twin factors can save you not only from stroke but multiple lifestyle disorders (eg. heart attack) by keeping a healthy blood pressure, blood lipids, preventing obesity, reducing stress etc.

6. Reduce stress: Reduce stress by involving in recreational and leisure activities, yoga, religious activities, socializing, etc.

Stay healthy, stay stroke free.

Dr.Deepak Kripal