12 Motivational Techniques to Increase Motivation


In today’s world, which is full of targets, deadlines and cut-throat competition, motivating oneself can be an issue with some people. What we see is, while some people look more curious and motivated, others just seem like dilly-dallying through it. It is important to keep yourself motivated, not only because you want to excel in your field, but also because it is important for your overall happiness and well-being.

Let us look at some basic and easy to follow motivational techniques:

1. Self Talk: It is important to know oneself to understand our problems, aims and motivational issues. We often do not talk to our self enough. Sometimes, we are not motivated because we do not have clarity about what do we want, and what are our expectations and goals. For a strong motivational drive, clarity of our own thoughts is very important.

2. Get Curious: Doing work as a burden or just a duty can lead to a low motivational drive since the work becomes something external to you. You are doing work because you want something (like promotion) which is external to your job and not a natural part of it. It is important to spark your curiosity about the work you want to do. To develop curiosity, learn about the nitty-gritty of your subject, visualize your self as a knowledgeable person in that field and develop deep understanding of your field.

3. Visualization: It is very effective, tried and tested technique of increasing motivation. For example, seeing yourself as a person with perfect body motivates you to eat healthy and do regular exercise. Sportsmen use this technique a lot to train their mind to deal with probable on-field situations. Visualize the future you want for yourself, and it will motivate you to constantly strive for it.

4. Goal Setting: Goals help us keep motivated as knowing our targets makes us want to reach there in time. But confusing, ambiguous and too-ambitious goals can be demotivating at times. Goals should be short-term (as part of long term goal), measurable, achievable and time-bound. Achieving such short goals at regular intervals reinforces individual’s motivation to work even harder.

5. Reward Yourself: It is important to reward yourself on achieving small victories and goals. It boosts your confidence, and re-energizes you for further challenges.

6. Be Your Own Psychologist: You best know what motivates you and what does not. Avoid situations and environments which has a negative bearing on your mood and motivational levels. Stimulate and treat your self with fulfilling situations which ignites positive energy in you.

7. Relaxation techniques: Relax your mind and help it breathe by using relaxation exercises like meditation, aerobics, etc. Listening to music can also be very liberating for some people.

8. Socialize: Meet with the people who are important to you. Share your laughs and love with them. Connecting with our dear ones help us discharge the reservoirs of negative energy and also reignites our hope in our own future.

9. Help Others: Be a good individual and help others who are in need. Being a good individual makes you feel good about yourself, keeps you secure and at peace.

10. Healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Eat healthy and do mild exercises to stay fit.

11. Laugh: Laughing keeps you stress free by a variety of mechanisms. It releases endorphins (relieves physical pain) and reduces stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. It also stimulates your heart (enhanced circulation), lung (enhanced air-intake) and muscles (relaxation of muscles).

12. Be Positive: Entertain only positive thoughts while ignoring negative ones. Positive thinking can have miraculous effect on your physical, mental and spiritual health. Positive thoughts release neuropeptides that help fight stress and potentially more serious illnesses.  

Use all these techniques to stay motivated, become a good individual, and above all, Be Positive!

-Dr. Deepak Kripal