Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you provide online courses or teaching?

A. No, we are not involved in any kind of teaching or educational activities. Our sole motto is to spread awareness about health issues. Any education we provide is intended to create knowledge about our own health and fitness rather than providing certificates, diplomas, etc.


Q. Is it possible to talk to one of the experts personally?

A. Not yet! Since our experts are mostly busy, it becomes hard to get them to chat or talk personally to every single query. We will see if we can get a chat platform, even if weekly, in future! Meanwhile, any queries you might have about your health issues can be asked through ‘Ask Our Experts’ section. We will publish answers to relevant queries through a post without disclosing the name or identity of the individual, for we strictly adhere to our privacy policy.

Q. Can we get specific medical prescriptions from the doctors?

A. No, you can’t! All the advice provided by our experts on this platform is in the nature of general guidelines about your health issues. Specific prescriptions can only be provided after taking detailed history and thorough physical examination; hence we do not resort to the practice of online prescriptions. You are advised to seek a doctor physically if you are looking for prescriptions.

Q. How long does it take to get answers from experts?

A. It depends on the schedule of the relevant expert as well as nature of the query. It is always our effort to get your answers as soon as possible, so the answer to your question is – Not long enough!

Q. Do you accept credit card or take charges for any of your services?

A. No, we provide all the services free of cost!

Q. I am a doctor. Can I become an expert on Doctor and Apple?

A. Yes, you definitely can! All you have to do is send you profile, high quality image and article you want to post through our ‘Write For Us’ section. If our team of experts find your article qualitatively good and well written, your article will be published on our site with due credits. However, your name and image will be shown in the list of our panel of experts only after contributing minimum five articles. We would like to declare that we do not pay for such articles and such contributions are invited only from such inspired doctors who wish to contribute in spreading education and awareness about health issues without expecting dividends in cash!

If there are any other queries or questions, you may ask us through Contact Us section.

Warm Regards

Dr. Deepak Kripal

Doctor and Apple