Why Your Baby is Crying?

Crying is the language of the child, esp. for infants. Generally parents get worried when their infant cries excessively. However, excessive crying is not necessarily a signal for underlying disease.


Let us take a look at some common reason for excessive crying of infants:


1. Hunger: Crying is the only medium to communicate for a baby when she is hungry. Possibly, it is time for feeding.
2. Loneliness: Babies sometimes cry when they feel insecure while lying alone. Just hold and caress them. Their cry might just fade away!
3. Toilet issues: During urination and defecation also, crying is normal, and excessive crying may be due to constipation or urinary infection. May be it is time to consult a paediatrician.

4. Past Common Cold: If baby has suffered from common cold in recent past, earache can be a possible reason.

5. Abdominal Air: During feeding, baby generally engulf air along with milk which may lead to abdominal pain. To avoid this, burp the baby after every feed and make him turn to left lateral position.


So, look out for these common reasons for crying, and turn your baby’s cry into a ‘happy cry