sleep hygiene in children

The children today are going through many behavioral problems including lack of concentration, inattentiveness,aggression, and some times, insomnia too. Children, these days, are so busy with their electronic gadgets and i-phones that they don’t develop a proper sleep pattern.
Special Need: Every individual requires 6-8 hours of sleep for proper functioning of brain, but children not only require a greater amount of sleep, but also a set pattern of sleep-wake cycle, so that they can develop a sound and healthy mind.
Principles: There are some set principles of sleep hygiene in children which the parents must make it a point to follow:
  • have a set bedtime and bed time routine for your child.
  • bed time and wake up time should be same on school and non- school days (weekends) with not more than an hour difference.
  • the hour before bed should be quiet time without rough playing or television watching.
  • don’ t send your child to bed hungry. A light snack before bed is good, but avoid coffee/tea or caffeine containing products 1-2 hour before bed.
  • make sure your child spends quality time outside every day.
  • keep your child’ s bedroom dark ,quiet and at a comfortable temperature.
  • don’ t use your child’s bedroom for punishment or time out.
  • keep television out of your child’s bedroom.
Children are our future. For their well-being and optimal development, make sure theysleep well!