Common Emergencies for Baby

Child is everything for the parents in general, and mother in particular. So it is important for the parents to know and understand some conditions where delay in consulting a paediatrician may be life threatening to the baby.

Let us take a look at four such common condition.


1. If a newborn gets lethargic and refuses to feed even for a day, it can be a subtle sign of sepsis. Take her to the hospital immediately.


2Temperature instability, whether high grade (fever) or less than normal body temperature (hypothermia) is always a cause of concern. Assess temperature by back of your palm on baby’s abdomen and feet. Go to the hospital if you sense even little abnormality.


3. If baby is having cold and cough with chest in-drawing, don’t feed the child as they may take it into their lungs as feedings becomes in-coordinated. Consult a doctor!


4. Any abnormal movement like cycling movement of limbs in newborn or jerky movements of limbs in any child, staring gaze or excessive inconsolable cry can be seizures. Put the child in lateral position, don’t give water orally and rush to a doctor.



                   A child is like a dream, ‘watch her‘!

Dr. Sunil Chaudhary Paediatrician