8 Red Flag Signs of Developmental Delay

dev delays


Growth and development is variable in children. Some acquire the required milestones at appropriate age and others may be late bloomers. We should be aware of some of the ‘Red flag signs’ in child development, for if the delay in growth of the child is not observed and hampered, it may lead to a less than optimal development, and even some irreparable loss of potential development.Let us have a look at the milestones that you should keep your eyes on:

1. No visual fixation or following by achieved by 2 months of age.

2. No vocalization by 6 months of age.

3. Not sitting without support by 9-10 months of age.

4. Not standing alone by 16 months of age.

5. Not walking alone by 18 months of age.

6. No single word spoken by child by 18 months of age.

7. Lack of imaginative play by at 3 years of age.

8. Loss (after being acquired) of comprehension, single words or phrases at any age.

If you see any of these red flag signs in your baby, you should consult a developmental paediatrician who shall guide you through sound counselling and appropriate corrective measures.Help your child achieve her full developmental potential, and see your chest swell with pride!

 -Dr. Anu Sharma
Dr Anu Sharma