10 Rules for Breastfeeding


We are in 21st century and never shy away from calling ourselves generation Y (I am not sure what that means!). But when it comes to breastfeeding the child, centuries old myth somehow find their way back, not only in the rural landscape, but urban also! Women are still hesitant to give the best gift in the purest form to their baby, not necessarily out of will, but mostly, out of ignorance!


                                       Let us take a look at what medical science has to prescribe regarding breastfeeding.

1. The newborn needs to be breast fed within 1 hour in normal delivery, and within 4 hours in case of cesarean.

2. No pre-lacteal feed in form of honey or jaggery be given to the newborn.

3. The initial yellow coloured milk is full of antibodies and proteins and should not be discarded.

4. Breast feeding should continue for at least 20 minutes,10 minutes each breast as initial content is watery which quenches the thirst and the hind milk brings satiety.

5. Next session of breast feeding should start with the one given first to the baby.

6. Breast milk is complete feed, baby should be exclusively breast fed for 6 months with no supplementary feed; not even water to a healthy full term baby.

7. Only calcium and vitamin D is being recommended as mothers are generally deficient in vitamin D.

8. Breastfeeding is adequate if your baby sleeps for 2-3 hours after feed and passes urine 6-7 times in a day.

9. It is normal for a newborn to pass 8-10 stools per day till one month of age.

10. And last but not the least, breastfeeding is good for the figure conscious mothers as it leads to early uterus involution.


Follow these rules, and it will not only strengthen your bond with your child, but it will give your baby the gift of ‘pink health‘.

Dr. Anu Sharma