Asthma : Risk Factors


What is Asthma?

Asthma is inflammation of airways with excessive mucous excretion which makes breathing difficult for indivisual, but fortunately it is a reversible condition.

What are the risk factors for asthma?

  • more common in childhood.
  • generally boys more affected than girls.
  • family history of asthma ( be it parents or grandparents).
  • having history of allergic disorders like dermatitis, rhinitis, frequent urticaria.
  • exposure to smoking- both active and passive smoking is responsible.
  • environmental factors: air pollution ( smoke, smog or dust), factory smoke or pollen/hay exposure.
  • occupational exposure to paints, chemicals in hairdressing or manufacturing.
  • in some people excercise may also precipitate symptoms.
  • household factors: exposure to dust mites, pets and smoke.
  • being overweight is also a risk factor for asthma.
  • children who are frequent wheezers in childhood are strong candidates for developing asthma.


Dr. Mukesh Joshi
Chest Physician