Asthma : Introduction

Asthma is not a disease, its a reversible medical condition in which the airways of the person gets constricted, inflamed and start producing extra mucous making it difficult for the person to breathe properly.

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  • The term “reversible” needs to be highlighted as with proper management the condition can be kept under control,leading a normal life, else it can be life threatening also.
  • begins in childhood.
  • persons with family history of allergy are prone to develop asthma.
  • environment with exposure to smoking, pets, air pollution and dust mite may trigger the condition.
  • some medications like beta blockers and aspirin can precipitate the condition.
  • presents with recurrent cough, wheeze, chest tightness and air hunger.
  • may also present as life threatening respiratory failure in first episode itself.
  • diagnosis is clinical based on  history,examination and lung function test.
  • treatment is avoidance of allergens with compliance to medications which are short acting relievers and long acting controllers.


Dr. Mukesh Joshi
    Chest Physician